Hi, my name is Josè Luis Garcia, known as El Puche. I was born in the district of Albaycìn (Granada, Spain) in 1964 and since I was a child I have been interested in the universe of arts and shows. In 1985 I started working in the theater with different companies of Granada such as: Candilejas, La cuesta and Teatro del Sur, having various tours all around Andalucia but also in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. This experience lust until 1995.

I grew up listening flamenco at home but it was not until the '90s when, by coincidence, I struck up a friendship with two bigs of the universe of flamenco of Granada, Rafaèl and Manolo Gòmez, a flamenco's guitarist and pianist. It was with them that I started my musical career as percusionist debuting in the famous party room "Rey Chico", in Granada, and sharing the stage with the famous singer "Bambino", learning during the flamenco parties into the caves and zambras of the Sacromonte district and playing with all the flamencos of the town. I like to underline that in was there where I learnt what does it means the word "Duende" and its art and way of life: The life of the flamenco's artists.

From that moment on I have had a fascinating route as a percusionist. Here some of the most relevant moments:

Cuadro Flamenco de Curro Albaicìn

- Madrid (Cardamomo Hall)

- Londres (Auditòrium of the Science and Industry Museum)

- Palestina (charity in The Gaza Strip), among others.

Cuadro Flamenco Silvia Lozano

- Mines contest

- Participation with the flamenco company of Andalucia of the Carlo V Palace, Alhambra of Granada,

Cuadro flamenco Fernando del Paso

- Tour around the region of Minageràis (Brasil), 2000

Cuadro flamenco de Carlos Zarate

- Casa Patas (Madrid);

- Lods (Poland);

- Brno (Czech Rep.).

Over the time and after the experience into the universe of the purest flamenco the interest towards new instruments ans rythms of the world, in coincidence with the "Movida", the artistical rebirth of Spain of the 90's, bring me into the musical universe of the fusion.

I take part in different music band where we make good music and special musical experiences. Here you have some exemple:


- Tour organized by the Municipality of Granada and the Cervantes Institute: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid (Spain), Milano, Rome, Venice (Italy), El Cairo, Alexandria (Egypt), 2000-2022;


- Vitoria Gaztei Jazz Festival (Spagna), 2014

- Eshavira Hall (Granada).


- Spanish-Czech guitarist with whom I took part in his tour of classic and flamenco guitar all around Czech Republic. 2011

This is the moment when I start to be interested in that percussion instrument that, according to me, is the most complete and powerful one: the drums.


- Festival Iberica 2006 (Czech Republic);

- Recording of the album Malasjuntas, 2006:

- Zaidìn Rock, 2008;

- Sala Tren, Granada, 2009;

- Concerts in different parts of Andalucia and partnership with the documentary "Morente dreams the Alhambra", together with Enrique Morente and the Argelian singer Chek Kaled.

Other rock bands of Granada I take part are: Canal Blues, Los Vados, Picadura Selecta, Arisca and El Extrano caso de Carmen Dorao. With this last one we have been active since 2015 until today. We partecipate to:

- Urban concert (Granada), 2016;

- Third convencion of Tattoo, Congress Palace, Malaga, 2016;

- Frekuency Festival Free Alternative Culture Festival "The Dragon stage", Evora, Portogallo, 2017;

- Zaidin Rock, Granada, 2017;

- Recording of the videoclip "Tequila" in the granadian village of Sorvilàn, 2017

- Planta Baja Hall, Granada, 2019;

- Concerts in the city of Melilla (spanish city in african land), 2018,2019.

- Freedom Festival, Alpujarra, Grnada, 2021

- Flipout, Granada, 2021

As educator of the streets I create and partecipate into various music-educational projects with children and young people:


- Etnosur Festival, 2002;

- Tour into the North of the USA and Canada (Chicago, Detroit, Bloominton, Wisconsin, Toronto), 2003;

- Partnership with the Amparonia's music videoclip "La vida te da";

- Debut of the CD "Calè-Calè" in 2005 with the inestimable collaboration of the great flamenco singer Enrique Morente;

- Overture of the Catalan band "Ojos de Brujo" in Granada and Huelva;

- Espantapitas Festival, in Almeria, together with Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent and Tino di Geraldo;

- Award for the Spain best disk of percussion in 2002, awarded by the specialized review "Flamenco Hoy", Madrid.

- Tour in Czech Republic (Praga, Brno, Boskovic);

- Partnership of the Taller di Compàs of Almanjayar in the documentary " Morente dreams the Alhambra";

- European project "Compàs", Socrates- Comenius Program. Participants Spain, Rumania and Italy, commemorated in Palermo and Cagliari, Italy 2001,2002.

Other music-educative projects I take part are:

- 1999, partnership with the centre for children of the streets in the city of Bello Horizonte, Brazil;

- Essaouira, Morocco, workshop of percussion for the Festival of the Atlantic Cultures, with young people from Granada, Brazil and Morocco.

- Workshop for children and young people of Morocco: Rabat, Marrakech, Idyuokad y Ourica, 2006.

Currently I am involved in musical projects and music-therapy workshop with parts of the disadvantaged population, migrants and young people that live in social and familiar unstructured situation.